Positive Mental Attitude (or “P.M.A.). Let’s parse that out a bit. Positive. Mental. Attitude. Positive: electricity. Mental: crazy person. Attitude: panache. So, from there, it’s clear to see that if you electrocute a crazy person who has a good sense of style, then you will create a Positive Mental Attitude.* If you do this frequently enough, then, eventually,  you can do whatever, and get whatever you want in life. Sure, you might end up in prison for the rest of that life, but you will have obtained PMA. And that’s all that matters in life.

You’re welcome.


*This is what doctors in insane asylums were trying to produce. They just neglected the “A” in P.M.A. Have you seen some of the outfits they had crazy people wear in those facilities? Tacky.


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